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Welcome to Purple Driving - let Helen help you find the best route to your new driving licence!

Purple Driving - for your driving lessons in Bognor and Chichester

"I started with Helen having failed two practical tests already, one of which was part of an intensive driving course. I had no confidence in my driving and would either drive really slowly or take dangerous risks, all due to my massive fear of driving. I had a poor attitude and a poor awareness of others on the road and viewed the test as something ‘I just had to do to get out of the way’, feeling that I could learn the important bits afterwards. Scary considering I had been put forward for two tests already! Driving with Helen has been life-changing, like car therapy! Just being able to talk about the decisions I made and explain the thinking behind it, and being able to go back and repeat areas I had made a mistake on so that it didn’t eat away at me and add to the fears I already had. I’ve been on a massive learning curve with Helen, moving from hating roundabouts and being in a constant state of anxiety each time I was behind the wheel, to loving every minute of it…even her rambling! I’ve never felt more relaxed while driving and it’s all down to her. I think the biggest surprise for me was when I failed my third test, when it didn’t crush me as much as it had for my first and second tests had, it didn’t make me feel as though I was a terrible driver and should just give up…if anything it made me more determined to improve my driving and book the next test! That moment when I passed my fourth test….I can’t even explain it. I’m still in shock! I’m so excited to be on the road by myself, with my own car, taking complete control of wherever I want to go, something I never thought I’d achieve, even if I had passed the first or second time. Thank you so much for everything Helen, words cannot even describe how incredibly grateful I am for what you’ve done for me. I’m so glad I failed those two times, as it brought me to you and allowed me to change both my thinking and my driving skills, it now feels like the most natural thing in the world to me! Thank you! :)" Jemma - 28 April 2015

Welcome to Purple Driving, for driving lessons in Bognor Regis & Chichester, West Sussex.

Purple Driving gets YOU driving!

Your route to getting your first driving licence begins here!

Choosing the right driving instructor for you is vital. There are many driving schools in and around Chichester and Bognor Regis, and making the right choice is important if you want to progress smoothly towards your goal of passing your driving test.

Purple Driving School is owned and run solely by Helen Adams ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). Since opening Purple Driving in 2005, Helen has kept at the forefront of the many changes in the driver training industry, so she can provide you with quality, professional driving lessons designed around your needs in and around the Bognor Regis and Chichester area. So, if you're looking for a friendly, patient, Grade 5, female driving instructor, then you've come to the right place!

You will never feel under pressure - because I am patient and calm

You will find it hard to beat one to one driver training with Helen because she has developed the ability to delve inside your head so that she can personalise your driving lessons to suit you!

Purple Driving is proud to offer you video training...a great way to learn...check out my YouTube channel

In a hurry? Speak to me about my NEW daily, 3 day, 5 day or 14 day intensive driving courses – all individually tailored to suit YOUR needs. Click HERE for more details.

Driving Instructor Training

I offer Driving Instructor training on a pay as you go basis. It's a more versatile way for you to only pay for the training you need.

I am an ORDIT registered driving instructor trainer, which means that my training methods and establishment have both been approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You can find me on the official ORDIT register here.

Do you feel confident about your Standards Check? I can help you with this too! I offer in car training and can film you teaching your student so that we can critique your performance and work on any areas that need improvement. For more information click HERE.

Learn more by reviewing yourself on YouTube! We can record your driving lessons, so you can review your driving at home...

Purple Driving, run by Helen Adams ADI, ORDIT registered trainer - for driving lessons in Bognor Regis & Chichester, West Sussex - nervous students welcome - driving with dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dyslexia - confidence boosting driving sessions - intensive driving courses - driving instructor training - female driving instructor.