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Vehicle Safety Check Questions

What happens if I get the both the Vehicle Safety Check Questions wrong at the beginning of my driving test?!


A few years ago, one of my students was not confident about being able to answer the questions correctly. Unfortunately, on the day of her driving test, her nerves really kicked in and she was simply unable to answer the questions correctly. Sadly, she went off on her practical driving test with very negative thoughts in her mind, which, she disclosed to me later, really had an adverse effect on the outcome…she failed! On the drive home, we explored this further, and she said she was really convinced that the examiner must think she was, in her words, "a rubbish driver"!


So, my advice to you is to try and avoid feeling this by making sure you really do know and understand all of the possible 19 questions you could get asked at the beginning of your driving test. I wrote a blog about them and included a photo of under the bonnet, and all of the questions and answers are available for you to practice for as long as you need. If there are any questions that you are not sure about, then ask me or your instructor to go through them until you do understand.


One of the problems is, that the examiners will not always tell you if you've answered correctly or not! It is worth remembering that if you get one question wrong, then you will incur no driver faults. If you get BOTH incorrect, then you will get one driver fault. In my opinion, it is better to keep practicing them until you DO know them off by heart, because that one driver fault might be the one you need!!


That's all for now, safe driving!

Helen Adams ADI

Mistake or Learning Opportunity?

The word mistake is such a negative word. Annoyingly even the current driving test is based on fault finding. Let's not go there right now, that's a whole new subject!


In my humble opinion, making mistakes on your driving lessons can be an excellent way to learn. Now, before you all come back at me and tell me how dangerous it can be to make mistakes whilst you're driving, please don't think I'm advocating that's it's good to make mistakes. I'm just saying that the important thing about mistakes is how you deal with them.

I prefer to call them "learning opportunities". And if you're anything like me, when you make a mistake, it annoys you intensely yes? However, the good thing is that when something annoys (or you could read irritates), it affects you directly and with much more impact because you FEEL it.

For example, imagine me sitting next to you at the beginning of your driving lesson, and explaining the importance of reducing your speed on approach to junctions or roundabouts, and how potentially dangerous it can be to do this. This would have far less impact on you than if you ACTUALLY did drive too fast, lost control because your brain panicked, which meant that I had to dual brake you to maintain safety...

So, my advice when you're on your driving lessons is,

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Don't expect perfection
  • Expect to make "mistakes"
  • See your mistakes as "learning experiences". 
  • Be honest. Keep asking yourself why it happened until you know why it happened and then come up with a solution or a fix...and then apply it! 

That's all for now, see you next time!

Helen Adams ADI
Purple Driving

Defensive driving - some tips from me to get you started...


Click here to view video

I've had a request on YouTube to talk about defensive driving. Thank you to that know who you are! I've put together a short video on how you can get started driving defensively. The following list are just some of the things that will help you stay safe on the roads for many years to come, in no particular order!

  • Don't be competetive...think safety first. 
  • Pay attention at all times to what's going on all around you...think "safety bubble", Google it!
  • Always think about an escape never know when you might need it.
  • Think "eco-safe" driving...practice deceleration skills, and not using your brake when in slow moving queues, unless you need to of course.
  • Stop wasting energy getting cross about other driver's actions...use your energy to concentrate on what you're doing.
  • Don't get too close to the car in front...and think about how close the driver behind you might have to take evasive action.
  • Always expect the unexpected...other drivers may not always do what you expect them to do.

The following link will take you to some more defensive driving tips...enjoy!

Talk soon, take care out there!

Helen Adams ADI.

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