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Give way...or stop?


Just walking along with my dog minding my own business, when I couldn’t help but notice a dad cycling along two abreast, with what I presumed was his son on his inside. The father was talking to his son, and as they started to draw level to me, I clearly overheard what he said about the give way lines. It went something along the lines of this,
“So, see those lines? When they’re double like that it means the vehicles emerging from them have to stop.”

I wanted to shout out to the son...NO, THEY DON’T MEAN STOP...THEY MEAN GIVE WAY!
To be honest, I was quite shocked that the father didn’t know that broken white lines mean GIVE WAY, regardless of whether there’s a single or double set. See diagram below.


Follow this link about road markings from the Highway Code

Please do check that you're giving your children up to date reliable knowledge of the rules of the road, and if in doubt, check the Highway Code.

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