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New Driving Test "Show Me" Questions


I'm sure that by now, most of you will be aware of the impending changes to the driving test. Apart from a couple of new manoeuvres, and dropping two manoeuvres (the left reverse and turn in the road), and a 20 minute sat nav component, you will be asked a question DURING your driving test. 

I think this is an excellent idea, as you need to be able to do this confidently. I always used to make sure my students are familiar with the controls in my car, but, with these questions being asked on the move, you will need to ensure that you can do them with ease. I have created a video which shows me demonstrating the different questions, which i hope you will find useful. Check it out by clicking New "On the Move" questions

Any questions...just ask! You may find more useful videos in my YouTube Channel 

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