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Take responsibility for your own safety...don't sit in if you feel unsafe!!

There's been a lot in the news recently about tougher penalties for drivers if they are caught using their mobile phones whilst driving. See links in References.


As a newly qualified driver, this means you would lose your driving licence and would have to re take both the theory and practical driving tests again.


What I'd like to talk to you about in this blog is something slightly different...driver attitude.


Have you ever felt unsafe, and I mean almost to the point of being terrified, when you were a passenger in a friend's car? If so, did you do anything about it?

Just the other day, at the end of a driving lesson, one of my students told me of the experience she had as a back seat passenger. The driver was fairly newly qualified, having passed his test just over a month previously, at his third attempt. He offered to give her and a friend a lift to college, involving a five mile drive to Chichester.

Being a learner driver herself, my student took a keen interest in her newly qualified friend's driving, hoping to pick up some tips.

"How did you feel about his driving?" I asked. I wasn't prepared for her reply.

"It was horrible! He made me feel really unsafe. At one roundabout he took a gap that I wouldn't have...and he made the car slow down and the driver hooted his horn at him!"

"Oh, ok, did you say anything to him?" I asked. Again, I wasn't expecting her response.

"No, I didn't. I didn't want to upset him, or my mates to think I was being "uncool"!"


On reflection, I'd have to say I wasn't that surprised she'd not said anything. I'm known for being confident and quite forthright...whereas I'd describe her as exactly the opposite!


I shared an experience I'd had last year, when I was with a friend, who was driving, and he was actually driving like a complete idiot! High revving, too much speed, very late braking, cornering on two get the picture?!

I asked him if he always made a habit of driving like this. His response was to screech to a halt, perform an unsafe U turn, and deliver me back to my place...all without saying a word!! 


My student asked me if I would do the same thing again, to which I replied yes! I asked her what she would do, if ever she found herself in a similar situation...that of feeling unsafe as a passenger in a friend's car.


"I'd ask him to stop the car so I could get out!"


To say I was relieved was an understatement! I'd ask you guys to do the same thing, if ever you were in a similar situation. Sometimes, it's cooler to swim against the grain and live, than it is to die or be injured and be cool! My father always told me that,

"It's better to be 20 minutes late in this world, than 20 years earlier in the next!"


Helen Adams ADI

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