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Thank you Jessica!

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to Jessica for your amazing email. I am just so pleased that you found the videos on my YouTube channel Purple Driving helpful Jessica. I will continue to make the videos for as long as my students allow me to record their driving lessons. Please stay safe on the roads. Helen :-)

"Dear Helen & Luke (plus your little doggies I may have commented on your video's a couple of times already but wanted to thank you so much!!!

I've watched your videos for the past 3months and they are superb! I have been learning to drive since October 2014 and when I found your YouTube channel I was amazed and relieved, I could now spend time at home watching these helping to improve myself. I really struggled to remember things between each lesson that I had learnt, so by watching these it helped to keep things fresh in my mind! Your attitude to teaching is relaxed and laid back and your personality is amazing! There is always a funny moment in each video! From what I've been seeing you are the perfect instructor which I would have loved to teach me!

So I would like to take this moment to thank you personally for producing these videos, they are informative and you can actually learn from them. By watching you teach your pupils It shows me what I should be doing as well so I can Improve my confidence. Luke goes through a lot in a day, especially those emergency stops where he has to work at his best and I'm glad you praise him lots!!! Keep up the good work Luke!

I had my first driving test today and it went swimmingly. The hour before test wasn't my best, possibly the worst. But at the time I needed to be my best I did it! I remembered what you said about approaching a roundabout, 'plan early' and came out the other side of the test with only 1 minor driver fault in total!!! I was so pleased with myself, I had a lot of self doubt during the test because I thought I made so many mistakes such as pulling up at the side of the road too near a junction or on a bend, but remembered again like you always say, don't think I've failed until the examiner says so!

Your video's were a great help to help me pass my test with 1minor fault. Keep up the good work. I'll deffo keep on watching even though I've passed  because you never stop learning! 

Once again thank you for your videos, they are great! Keep up with your good work! Thanks to you and Luke, also your two doggies for being patient with you whilst you take time with your learners! Thanks :) Jessica"

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please share it by clicking on the buttons - thanks! Helen :-)

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