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The benefits of reflective practice when learning to drive

The benefits of reflective practice when learning to drive

Let's look first at what the term "reflective practice" means. In the simplest of terms a definition could be that of, reflecting back on what happened (and how you felt about what happened), during your driving lesson.


Ok, so now that we've defined the term "reflective practice" actually means, some of you might say, "Why bother?" or "I've got far better things to be doing!"

You may well be right! However, the fact is, until you actually try it, you'll never know whether it is a useful "tool" that could expedite your learning to drive, will you? 

Have you ever been on a driving lesson where something you did didn't go quite the way you expected it to? Let's look at an example. Let's suppose you were turning left into a side road, from a major to a minor, and you touched the kerb with your back wheel. 

How many reasons could there be for this driver fault? 

You turned too early 

You put too much steering on 

You were going too fast and didn't steer quick enough

Interesting isn't it? One of the biggest problems is that your driving instructor may analyse the fault incorrectly. And in doing so, the problem will not get fixed. 

However, if you both took a moment to reflect back on what happened to make you touch the kerb it is far more likely that you will get to the root of the problem and this means that learning has taken place, and you'll not be making the same fault again. And your driving instructor can help you with this simply by asking you your opinion. Thereby helping you to reflect back on what you did.

Another way of using reflective practice is to use it at the beginning of your driving lesson. Neil Beaver, has developed an IOS Reflective Logs App, as you can see in the image below.


Have a look at what he has to say about it by clicking on the following link,

So, having introduced you to the potential benefits of using a reflective log during your driver training, my question to you, as a learner driver is, 

Would you be prepared to try one if your driving instructor gave you a form to fill in at the beginning of your driving lesson? Or if they emailed it to you the day before so that you had time to fill it in? 

Happy reflecting, see you next time! 

Helen Adams ADI

Neil Beaver's website:

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