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Welcome to Purple Driving - let Helen help you find the best route to your new driving licence!

Would you like my job? I could train you to be a driving instructor!


Have you ever thought about changing your life and becoming a driving instructor? If so, I can help! 

I'm not going to rant on at you about all the benefits and drawbacks of being a driving instructor, because the easiest place to start is to click on the following link, Becoming a driving instructor and you can read all about it!

Once you've had a read, and are still curious to know if what I do would suit you, then check me out on the DVSA Ordit Register. I offer Pay As You Go driving instructor training, which gives you the freedom of knowing that you will never be tied to a contract and have to pay large sums of money upfront. 

One final thing, If you are still pondering about whether being a driving instructor is for you, please feel free to call me and we can have a chat...

Helen Adams ADI, Dip DE

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