Previous learner drivers review Purple Driving. Thank you for taking the time to review Purple Driving. I wish you all safe driving for life! Helen Adams ADI

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Previous learner drivers review Purple Driving. Thank you for taking the time to send me your review. I wish you all safe driving for life! Helen Adams ADI



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 "I passed first time with only 2 driver faults!

Helen helped me get rid of the bad habits I developed when learning with my old instructor. My confidence improved, because she made me feel very relaxed, which made it much easier for me to drive and be myself. I will definitely recommend her!"

Cody C - 11 July 2022

 “When I began my lessons with Helen, I was incredibly nervous about starting driving lessons again after some negative experiences with other instructors, so much so that at first, I was a bit too nervous to sit in the driver’s seat! However, over the last few months Helen has really helped me to build my confidence as a driver by always being kind, patient and understanding, while also giving and encouraging me to take opportunities to challenge myself. Each time I made a mistake I was always given time to think it through myself, and she always explained anything that I didn’t understand in a clear way. Also, not one of Helen’s lessons are the same, and she was always happy to do anything that I specifically wanted to work on myself, which I think has helped me to become more independent when driving, and she has always made sure that every lesson is both fun and engaging. I would definitely recommend Helen’s driving lessons to anyone and thank you so much Helen for helping me to pass first try today with only one driver fault!”

Jim B - 4 July 2022

 “I went into driving with heavy anxiety and had a negative experience with a previous instructor whose lesson plans for all students were very formulaic and didn't take this into account. Helen is the complete opposite of this. She cares about you as an individual, not just in terms of driving but in all aspects of life. She is completely open to discuss any issues you may have and genuinely wants you to be the best you can be. I passed first time with 1 fault, and all anxiety forgotten. Couldn't recommend her enough!”

J Parker - 21 April 2022

 “I passed first time! Helen has really helped me gain the experience and confidence I needed to not only pass but be a good driver. Helen always knew when to push me and would always give me the appropriate feedback in order for me to improve. She made sure I always was comfortable and informed with the aims of every lesson as well as she would always ask me what I wanted to do and what I think I needed to improve on which helped tailor every lesson to help me improve each time. I will really miss driving around and having a good laugh with Helen. I would 100% recommend purple driving for anyone wanted to pass their driving test.”

Max S - 8 December 2021

 "I passed first time with Helen because she's one of the most kind and helpful teachers I've ever experienced as well as a good laugh on top of that and near the end of your lessons you'll start feeling like yuo're just drivingaround with a helpful friend in the car.

I'd strongly recommend her lessons to anyone learning to drive as she not only teaches you how to pass the test but she also teaches you how to be a good driver (just as good if not better than people already on the road). Helen also heavily involves the students when deciding what would be the bets use of time for the lesson and makes the student reflect on their own driving to make them think what needs the most attention.

I'd also like to recommend her to anyone struggling with anxiety or anyone a bit nervous about driving as she's a lovely person with great people skills. I will definiteley miss the weekly chats with Helen."

Ted S - 25 November 2021

 "I have thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Helen, and with her help I have been able to grow my confidence as a driver. When I started lessons with Helen, I had already been doing some practice with my dad and Helen helped me to build upon what I already knew, as well as teaching me new things - she even let my dad sit in on a lesson! 

Each lesson is unique to the last and Helen allows students to choose what they would like to improve on within the lesson to best suit their needs. This allows students to make their own decisions which is a big part of driving when you transition from being a learner to driving by yourself. Helen does not just teach students to pass their test (which with her help I managed to do on the first time!) but she teaches you to be a great driver. I definitely recommend Helen and will miss having my driving lessons with her!"

Isabel F - 6-10-2021

 “Helen is an amazing driving instructor. She makes driving very straight forward and if a problem ever arises will pull you over to find the cause, with an action plan to solve…no issue get left un analysed.

She is an incredibly funny person and is great at the job she does. Beforehand I was incredibly nervous, but over time has been great to see the confidence and growth in myself with help from Helen.

Helen definitely puts me at ease and I would 100% recommend Purple Driving.

I passed first time today with one driving fault. Thank you so much Helen for everything!”

Emma W - 20-9-2021

 “When I first started driving with Helen I had little confidence and a lot of self doubt but Helen soon put me at ease and really brought out the confidence in me as a person and a driver too. She reaches in a straightforward, direct manner that is easily understood - it also helps that she has the patience of a saint and her humour and kindness makes it feel like she’s a friend rather than an instructor. I have zero hesitations about recommending Helen if you’re looking for a driving instructor, her ability to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and bring out the best driving in you is a serious talent and I could not have had a better experience with her!! Also I can’t thank Helen enough for making learning to drive so enjoyable and helping me pass 1st time!!! Abi xx”

Abi L - 16 October 2020

 ”I found Helen to be a great driving instructress, very down to earth with a great sense humour. She immediately put me at ease and has a very straightforward method of teaching and makes everything easy to understand.

It's been great fun learning with Helen, it feels like I'm having a lesson from a friend rather than an instructor, I really can't thank Helen enough for making learning to drive so much fun and helping me pass 1st time.

I would have no hesitation recommending Helen if you're looking for a driving instructor, not only will you be taught by a highly experienced instructor you'll have fun learning as well and making a friend.”

Emma W - 25 September 2020

 “Helen is one of the most passionate driving instructors I know of! She goes above and beyond to make sure you understand what you’re doing with the help of videos, visuals and books. She’s very attentive and installs confidence in you from the beginning, even if you’ve had a poor previous instruct, like I had. She’s incredibly down-to-earth and hilarious too. I can’t recommend Helen enough, she’s been great fun to learn with, with her unconventional yet fabulous teaching techniques. You really do get what you pay for. Amazing experience!” 

Courtney W - 23 August 2019

 "Helen is a fantastic driving instructor who puts you at ease. Her teaching methods are great, I had a problem with clutch control, which I was finding difficult to overcome, but with Helen’s strategies I soon got the hang of it. I would like to thank Helen once again, I couldn’t have passed without her!"

Kirsty M - 22 July 2019 

Kirsty passed first time in her own car! Kirsty and her mother really clocked up many hours of private practice together...something I'd thoroughly recommend, as it makes students learn to be responsible for their own actions right from the beginning. Such brilliant teamwork...SO proud of them both! 

 "Honestly, I don’t think I could’ve had a better fit for a driving instructor – we click perfectly. Helen has been the kindest, most supportive and craziest driving teacher. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, peaks and troughs, but what I’ve come out with is not only a great first time pass (only 5 minors!), but a well-formed professional relationship and a lasting personal one, with Helen Adams. I’ll never forget the experience I’ve had – and what I love is that Helen is herself around you. It’s been amazing; thank you so much, Helen. Roll on PassPlus!!"

Hannah W - 17 December 2018

 “Helen is without a doubt open, thorough and direct about her approach to teaching. She is always open about what she thinks should be done whilst still being friendly and engaging.

In short she was a pleasure to learn from. Today I passed first time and it is the best feeling in my life (so far)!”

Callum A - 28 November 2018

 "Helen has been a fantastic instructor! After 19 years I decided to try again to learn and I picked Purple Driving school as Helen’s credentials spoke for themselves. She is extremely patient and possibly psychic, as she see seemed to know exactly what was right for me and what to say. 

Although I hadn’t realised when I first started my lessons, some issues from my previous learning years ago had surfaced, but with Helen’s reassurance teamed with plenty of madness and random singing has got me through! 

I passed first time and couldn’t have done it without her. Picking Purple Driving school was one of the beat decisions I have ever made and I will recommend to anyone I can.

What else can I say? I will miss Helen a great deal and can’t be thankful enough for all she has done for me xx" 

Ann J - 6 August 2018

 “Helen is the best driving instructor out there by far, she’s not only taught me how to drive, but she’s brought a level of confidence out of me I never knew I had. I will always be thankful to Helen for putting up with my nerves and guiding me through a memorable journey full of laughter and biscuits. If I can pass first time, then anyone can with the help of the the wonderful Helen! If your looking for someone who pushes you to the best of your abilities then Purple Driving school is the one for you, thanks again Helen, couldn’t have done it without you! x” Lucie H - 24 May 2018

 "Helen is more than a driver instructor. She has been a friend, life coach and comedian. Always up for a laugh she has a wonderful way of teaching, tailoring lessons to you and your individual needs. She has got me from being a nervous wreck and being overtaken by a pushbike to confidently driving in all weathers, on all kinds of roads- including the big scary roundabouts! In fact, in the end we had to tame the girl racer and secret love of speed! She is patient but also pushes you to achieve your best. With her I have found confidence in not only my ability to drive but also confidence in myself. I can’t thank Helen enough for fitting me in with both our busy schedules and putting up with my favourite phrase: ‘I don’t like it!’ Helen, it’s been a privilege, thank you. I hope anyone reading this makes one of the best decisions they can and use purple driving, if she can get me to pass first time with no minors, then she can teach you no problem.

Heather xxxxxxx" 16 April 2018

 "When I first started driving I lacked confidence in my abilities. I remember I always used to stop at every junction even when there were no cars about. After what seems like years of driving with Helen my confidence has built up so much to the point I shock Helen (and myself) sometimes. The feeling after every lesson is like a warm buzz that makes me proud of myself and that’s all down to Helen. She knew different ways to help me achieve my best and tackle problems and she always knew what I was going to say before I even said it. She also gave me the opportunity to come up with a new word, which she loved, ‘trafficky’. She has guided myself through this journey and now I have passed! I’m really going to miss Helen, and her random singing, and I hope she can help many more students overcome their fears and to pass."

Jenny - 13 February 2018

 “It has been an absolute pleasure to have been taught driving lessons by Helen, she is an incredibly patient and brilliant instructor. Not only has she made me laughed on countless occasions, she's also bought me the occasional biscuits and even offered to stop off for breakfast at McDonalds! I started with a great deal of anxiety behind the wheel, but because of Helen, I now feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed. Helen also offers the ability to film yourself while driving which she will upload to YouTube later on after your lesson, it was often helpful to watch videos of her previous students to see any tips I could take from their driving but also any mistakes I may have made in my own driving.

I passed my driving test first time today with only two driver faults! I'm honoured to have been taught by Helen and cannot praise her enough. I hope you make the right choice and choose her as your driving instructor!”

Rob Bennett – 31 January 2018

 "Feels Amazing so happy tears of joy to pass my test where do i start first a huge thanks you  to my super amazing partner in crime a true lady. My Mary purple poppins of driving instructors yes even with singing. Helen it's been a blasts had such a good time with you by my side every step of the way no problem or issues this women can't fix and trust me I was hard work, it's almost if Helen step in my head many times and new what i was going to say before I said it and had a way round it to help me. From writing my left and right on my hands to making hand signals no not that kind"

Jill Bressington - 13 December 2017

"I started my journey with Helen as one of THE WORST drivers you could possibly imagine, I had many struggles and bad habits setting me back, but Helen agreed to take me on. 

To say it's been hard is an understatement, I'm sure Helen will agree. It's been a memorable one. I couldn't have asked more from an instructor. Every hurdle we've faced she had a solution, it may not have been easy but with her patience ts and persistence we have finally made it!

I couldn't have asked for a better person to share my journey with, despite being exhausting, stressful and emotional, its been brilliant. we've had so many great times and because of that, instead of dreading what's next to come I've looked forward to every single lesson. 

I can't say I've made it easy for Helen and I can certainly say that I have tested her skills to the max, we've frustrated each other, made each other laugh, cry and scream. Sometimes it's been more like a therapy session rather than a driving lesson!  Although I didn't always listen to Helen I have to admit she has always been right and has known what were the best steps for me. 

I honestly don't think I could have passed my test without her, shes pushed me on and made me believe that I can do it. we've taken each other out of our comfort zones and made each other work extremely hard but it's been worth every second.

 I'm sad that our journey is over and that I won't be seeing her on a regular basis as we got on so well, and have shared some great memories but I am also over the moon that this is the end.   

Thank you Helen for all your positivity and for believing in me, I hope that you are proud of how far I have come and can look at me as a mighty good achievement in your career!

Good luck to Helen and all her present and future students, you got this. 

Melissa xxx" 14 November 2017

“I cant thank Helen enough for everything she has done to get me to the point of passing my driving test! She has been the most amazing instructor as well as a bit of a life coach, listening to any worries or concerns I've had, driving related or not! She has enabled me to grow as a person as well as a driver & i couldnt recommended Helen highly enough to anyone looking for an instructor.” 

Vicky B, 11 April 2017

"My experience with Helen was just what i needed to develop the skills as a driver and building a strong understanding of what it means to be a driver, but also to stay safe and aware on the roads. Helen made each lesson enjoyable, helping me build confidence in myself and in the developed skills when on the road. She understood my requirements when dealing with my dyslexia and broke down the lesson structure into easy chunks for me to process and apply when driving.

Helen really made me confident to become a driver and I would recommend her to anyone with special requirements or who wants an instructor that brings out the best in your driving capabilities, making you become the very best behind the wheel." Sam Froelich - 13 March 2017 

“I found Helen thanks to her brilliant videos on YouTube, turns out she lives really close to me so I was confident she was the right instructor for me.

I wasn’t wrong, after struggling with my first instructor I started to progress a lot quicker under Helen’s tuition. She’s personable, patient but pushed me to improve and challenged me constantly which I loved! She was able to pick up and correct any bad habits I had which made me a safer and more confident driver. I learned a lot in a short space of time, sometimes having intensive days, but I always felt I had made leaps forward after each drive.

I passed my driving test first time today, and I definitely feel like I made the right decision. I would recommend her to anyone!”

"I found Helen while searching the internet and after looking at her reviews on her website and on her Facebook page I was blown away the amazing feedback from her students.
At this point a new she was the right person for me, Helen's lessons are always well structured and fun. I passed first time today! 
I really enjoyed learning from her and I would highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much, your friend Rich 31st January 2017" Cheers, Richard Wilson - 31 January 2017. 

“Helen was recommended highly to me by a friend and colleague who passed with her several years ago, listening to her advice was the best choice I’ve made.

We started from scratch and at first I was doubtful that I’d be able to overcome the fear and rise to the occasion, Helen was very patient and forgiving and as time went by my confidence grew as did my skill level. From confidence building lessons to conquering the major roundabouts, I feel like we’ve been on a journey that will stick with me for years to come.

Helen requested we record the lessons so I could go away and review my driving at a later date, they can be found on the Purple Driving YouTube channel – this not only helped me pinpoint my mistakes, I received lots of positive feedback which encouraged me to try my best each lesson.

Naturally I have been quiet an anxious person for as long as I can remember, however learning that I can challenge myself and succeed from my hard work will surely translate into my every day.

I consider Helen not only my instructor but a good friend that I’d recommend to anyone either just beginning to drive or looking to improve on what they already know. Thank you Helen, my weekends won’t be the same without you!” Tom Giles – 26 January 2017

"As a student of Helen's I've found her to be a very kind, funny and down-to-earth person! As an instructor with a deep understanding of the learning process and how the brain acquires new skills, she has been working patiently with me since the beginning of my journey. 

Helen has the wonderful ability to identify the learning style of students and will then adapt her teaching methods to suit your individual needs. 

We would often review the on board camera footage, discuss and pinpoint what went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistake in future, and then immediately put these talking points into action and start working on them. As a result with each lesson I felt like some progress was made and my confidence on the road would build each time. If you're interested in becoming a better driver - look no further! You'll struggle to find a better instructor. Thank you to Helen for being such a positive influence and helping me achieve this milestone in life!" James - 8 November 2016

"Helen is not only an outstanding driving instructor but also an invaluable mentor too, who guides you through your mistakes and helps you turn them into positive learning opportunities instead. 

Through Helen's unique teaching style, she helps you continuously improve your driving skills. Helen quickly makes you feel at ease, calming any nerves so you're in a positive frame of mind, ready to learn.

Every lesson is noticeably productive and you leave feeling as though you've made great progress in your driving skills. I can't recommend Helen highly enough! I will miss our lessons greatly and I am so thankful for all her wonderful help! Thank you!" Caitlin Vickers, 7 November 2016.

"I discovered Helen's driving school whist scanning You Tube for instructional driving videos.

Having seen that she lives locally I decided to give her a try as I felt that my instructional technique wasn't good enough to pass my Part 3 exam.

She has taken me from a nervous PDI who had basically taught himself to someone who is now a fully qualified instructor. I have nothing but admiration for Helen. She really gets to know you and is able to assess your requirements very quickly.

As an instructor she is calm and considerate, yet still manages to push you to get the best from yourself. Her techniques can be unorthodox {you know what I mean Helen] but boy do they work.

Thanks Helen, it was a real privilege to have you as my instructor and a friend. I can thoroughly recommend her to both new drivers and PDI's who need further development."

Russ. 17 October 2016

"First off… Helen is BRILLIANT!

Before meeting Helen, my driving experience had been a whole host of set rules and regulations. This made me feel as though anything I did off of the set procedures was going to be a fail on my test and ultimately, make me a bad driver. This is simply not the case!!!

The confidence I have gained from training with Purple Driving is incredible. There is no one I would recommend more!! She is calm, collected and above all reassuring.

One of the greatest aspects of Helens teaching methods, is that after you have made a mistake (which I know is completely fine when learning) she asks you to explain why YOU did it. Not telling you why you did it. This gives you the ability to understand what you have to change/how to change it in a much easier way. Basically, you, in a sense, have taught yourself the issues and with Helens help, correct them. Cheers Helen!!" Rupert, 3 June 2016. 

"I started lessons with Helen after failing my test 4 times. I had become an incredibly anxious driver and was over thinking everything whenever I got into a car. 

Helen’s calm, laid back approach put me at ease when driving and she tailored each lesson to me. She used pictures and explained everything in such detail so I could understand exactly what I needed to do and how to do it. 

With her great sense of humour and understanding of me, I really looked forward to every lesson - a huge difference to the nervous girl I had started out as! She suggested buying my own car to practise in which also improved my driving and gave me such confidence and motivation. Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me, for putting up with my constant need to parallel park!, and for giving me a love of driving, something I never thought I’d ever say!" Amy Thacker, 2 April 2016.

"After not being able to drive my best with other instructors, and almost giving up hope, I knew as soon as I called Helen, she was the instructor for me! She has helped me with so much and I can safely say I wouldn't be where I am without Helens help. 

I highly recommend Helen, she's a fantastic instructor and also hilarious! I have been pushed to my limits, and it finally worked. I was full of nerves and I've now overcome that thanks to her. I passed my driving test first time today. 

Thank you for putting up with me! I will always remember your advice and guidance!" Tegan Edney, 29 March 2016

"Helen has been a delight to have as an instructor, being funny, kind and very helpful throughout. From my first instructor I learnt the basics, however, Helen taught me to be an authentic driver. I only had a limited time until my test once I met the very knowledgeable Helen, which gave her the incentive to ensure I passed first time, which I did! Thank f**k I found her! Thank you, Brad." 18 March 2016.

"I knew from the first 5 minutes in the car with Helen that she would be the instructor for me and I effectively bullied my way into her busy schedule. Poor woman! But it was so important to me to go with an instructor I felt comfortable with, having had a couple of bad experiences with instructors before, and Helen was that instructor. 

Because with Helen, I feel it's not just about "getting you through the test"; it's about encouraging you to be the best driver you can be, gently but firmly pushing you to challenge your own ability and learning to have faith and confidence with situations and manoeuvres that you might previously have felt were problem areas.

"Helen is quite simply a legend. She is personable, kind, hilarious and she has the patience of a saint. I am genuinely going to miss my lessons with her and I'm hugely grateful for all her advice and guidance that got me through the test today. Cheers Helen"

"In a nutshell, Helen is undisputedly the best choice for a driving instructor you can have. Without a doubt i will be recommending Purple Driving as the best Driving school in West Sussex.

All those new learners out there who are worried or indecisive on which instructor to go with; you could not choose a more friendly, thorough and more supportive instructor than Helen. Helen has taught both me and my brother too drive and we both agree that Helen has a unique style to teaching which pushes you and builds confidence from the word go.You will learn everything you need to pass your test and more. Helen is one offew driving instructors that helps learners prepare beyond test and will give useful skills in which learners can take with them once they've passed. I was anxious and nervous on my first lesson but it wasn't long before i loved learning to drive. I have enjoyed my time learning with Helen and cannot be anymore thankful for her perseverance and guidance. I will most definitely miss driving with Helen (and Luke!)." Callum Websdale 26/11/2015.

"Helen Adams, well what can I say, Brilliant eccentric, with a dark sense of humour. I started out not particularly wanting to drive... A resistance was apparent from the beginning as I come from a bike riding background. Helen beat that emotional response out of me rather quickly and I soon looked forward to the torture that was involved with being a learner driver. Once she got my brain on the task at hand with a few fruitful words I picked up the ball and got on with it. 

Being a learner with Helen I believe is the best choice I made. We had our ups and downs but got there in the end. She is a no bull kind of person and you should expect someone that will tell you how it is and what you need to do to improve. I have loved my time learning with Helen and no words can describe how highly recommended she is. 

P.S. She will probably be normal at first but the true fruit loop will come out in the end." James V - 30 October 2015

"Before meeting Helen I had failed my driving test once. I had been learning for over a year with another instructor but felt I was getting nowhere. Initially I was nervous about changing to a new instructor but after a push from my Mum I arranged to meet with Helen.

From the very first drive with her I felt comfortable and at ease and the two hour lesson flew by, unlike 1 hour lessons I had with the past instructor which used to drag. My confidence was low after having failed my test but after my lessons with Helen my confidence has sky rocketed.

I have learnt new skills and for the first time in the year and a half that I've been learning I finally feel happy and that I can do it and it's all down to Helen's amazing teaching.

When I pass my test a part of me will be sad as I will miss Helen. Thank you so much Helen for making driving fun and giving me the confidence boosting needed. I wish I had come to you from the beginning and I won't hesitate to recommend you. I look forward to starting the Pass Plus! And thank you Lukey for being the best car in the world and I'm sorry if I hurt your clutch a couple of times!" Hannah S - 1 October 2015.

"I started with Helen after failing twice, with low confidence both mentally and in my driving ability. She began customizing the lessons to what needed to be worked on from those two perspectives and began improving everything from early roundabout glances, clutch control and steering. 

I managed to pass first time with her, and can easily say she's by far the best instructor I've had, great people skills and great car as well.

Looking forward to starting the pass plus! Thanks for everything Helen!" Peter - 19 September 2015

"I began driving with Helen after I was recommended by my brother, who passed first time. Overall, my driving lessons have been a pleasant experience. I have not only learnt how to drive to test standard, but also had challenging tasks on the road which have improved my confidence and mentality when driving. The lessons that I've been taught during my time as a learner are invaluable as far as I'm concerned. Thanks Helen for all the help." Josh Cottrell - 10 August 2015

"Having ridden a motorcycle for the last couple years, I finally decided to be abit more practical and go for my car licence. 

I trawled the Internet for someone who I thought would teach me quickly and correctly and came across Helens YouTube videos, I couldn't have got a better match. 

Both her adaptability and a basically and mental preparation of her students is second to none!!!" Toby Hall - 7 August 2015

"Helen helped me pass my test first time with her excellent experience, determination and willingness. 

Her truthful approach really helped to spur me on and I can't thank her enough. However, her awful singing in the test centre won't help to calm your nerves!" Hanna Taha - 20 July 2015

"Well, what can I say...I can't believe I am writing this because until I met Helen I never thought I would ever be driving or passing my driving test, but here I am writing this testimonial.

Helen was my second instructor. I had many hours with my first but with not much progress. When I met Helen I was extremely nervous with no belief in myself or my abilities. I think I was a bit of a challenge but she persevered with her amazing patience and an ability to bring out the best in me.

I am so deeply grateful because today I passed my test and a whole new chapter of my life begins that I thought would never happen. 

Helen you are an amazing teacher. Thank you so much, I will miss our lessons and laughter!!"

 Amy - 28 May 2015

"I started with Helen having failed two practical tests already, one of which was part of an intensive driving course. I had no confidence in my driving and would either drive really slowly or take dangerous risks, all due to my massive fear of driving. I had a poor attitude and a poor awareness of others on the road and viewed the test as something ‘I just had to do to get out of the way’, feeling that I could learn the important bits afterwards. Scary considering I had been put forward for two tests already! Driving with Helen has been life-changing, like car therapy! Just being able to talk about the decisions I made and explain the thinking behind it, and being able to go back and repeat areas I had made a mistake on so that it didn’t eat away at me and add to the fears I already had. 

I’ve been on a massive learning curve with Helen, moving from hating roundabouts and being in a constant state of anxiety each time I was behind the wheel, to loving every minute of it…even her rambling! I’ve never felt more relaxed while driving and it’s all down to her.

I think the biggest surprise for me was when I failed my third test, when it didn’t crush me as much as it had for my first and second tests had, it didn’t make me feel as though I was a terrible driver and should just give up…if anything it made me more determined to improve my driving and book the next test! That moment when I passed my fourth test….I can’t even explain it. I’m still in shock! I’m so excited to be on the road by myself, with my own car, taking complete control of wherever I want to go, something I never thought I’d achieve, even if I had passed the first or second time. Thank you so much for everything Helen, words cannot even describe how incredibly grateful I am for what you’ve done for me. I’m so glad I failed those two times, as it brought me to you and allowed me to change both my thinking and my driving skills, it now feels like the most natural thing in the world to me! Thank you! :)" Jemma - 28 April 2015

"I was a late starter at driving. I had 10 hours when I was 17. Work and family took presidence and driving went out the window. Now at 25 years old, I knew I had to tackle it head on. I knew i wanted a female instructor and through searching I found helen. After an assessment we bonded and booked an intense course spanning over 2 weeks. I wont lie it was hard, the constant do that and you fail, but it worked. The bad habits went and the confidence flurished, there where laughs and there where tears but I wouldnt of had it any other way. I felt at ease driving with helen. It felt like I was driving with a good friend I had known for years. 

I passed after 18 hrs with helen and the best feeling is knowing that she had the confidence in me. Thank you Helen for having the confidence in me and for helping me gain the confidence that I lacked.

Thank you again, speak soon." Simone Walton - 27 April 2015

"After six failed exams I felt devastated and I didn't believe I will ever drive. Thanks to my family and friends I did not lose hope and I started searching for a new Driving Instructor. A colleague from work recommended me Helen and that was the best thing could happen to me! 

With Helen I gained a lot of confidence and I improved my driving skills. The professional and calm approach, with detailed explanations of all situations on the road made me like driving. 

Thank you Helen, you are THE BEST! XXX" Ewelina Oleksiuk - 27 March 2015

Leanne Scott, 20 March 2015.

"Helen has been a brilliant driving instructor who has taught both me and my twin sister jess, Helen was great support and made me feel comfortable and at ease, she is just the right mixture of calm and professional, which made me relax and learn better. Helen has given me confidence and made me laugh along the way becoming more a friend then driving instructor, when I first meet Helen I was very anxious, as am not very good with new people but Helen made me feel calm, she is a fantastic driving instructor and I recommend anyone to learn with her, I will miss her dearly." 

Emily - 29 January 2015

"YES!!! I've passed! Thank you sooo much Helen for all your help and patience!

You've been amazing and I know I couldn't have done it without you !! I will definitely miss my lessons with you ! lots of laughter and fun !! Helen was my second instructor. I was extremely nervous about learning to drive and I found that Helen doesn't just teach you to drive like most instructors, but looks after you as a person and has helped me grow in confidence and believe in myself!!

Can't thank you enough! you're amazing !! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. See you on the road !! xx Emily xx"

Carmel. 16/1/2015

"MASSIVE thank you to Helen for helping me pass my driving test- absolutely over the moon! Helen was my fourth driving instructor, so she definitely had a challenge on her hands when I arrived! She has changed me from a bag of nerves to a confident driver. Despite being the maddest person in Bognor, she is extremely patient and positive throughout all lessons. Although I am happy to have passed, I will miss the entertaining lessons we had and would recommend her to anyone who asked.

Thanks again Helen. Carmel xx"

Jess Scott 19/12/2014

“Within four month Helen has not only helped me learn and develop the skills to pass my driving test but has help me gain confidence as a person. I was so nervous about learning driving at the start but now I feel I can drive at any time and everywhere with the skills and self-assurance need thanks to Helen and her patients. I can say to anyone think about learning to drive and looking around for instructors, you won’t meet anyone so dedicated to their students, kind, and hardworking. She persevered with me and my apologetic ways, till I got things right and understood things. Throughout learning to drive Helen has become more of a friend that helped me overcome fears of roundabouts to doing the dual carriageway at 70mph. She made me feel really comfortable in every lesion and answering any of my questions with reassurance. Recording some of our lessons was a bit daunting at first but then I found it helpful and interesting re-watching them, I feel this is a unique aspect to Helen’s driving lessons in a positive way. I am so glad that I decided to go with purple driving for the experience and teaching methods.

As a chapter ends another one starts, I want to say thank you so much Helen for teaching me to drive safe and be confidant enough to drive independently. I wouldn’t have been able to pass without you and I’m going to miss our lessons. Xx “

Max Von Der Hyde. 31/10/2014

"Helen really helped me get over my nervousness about driving and made me feel much more confident behind the wheel. She often made me push myself to deal with situations I wouldn't otherwise have been able to handle, and was always happy to deal with any issues or questions I had. I don't think I could have reached a point where I could have passed my test without her help. Thanks Helen. Max"

Leanne Pickering 24/10/2014

"When I first started learning to drive, I was very nervous. It wasn’t something I had ever wanted to do but, when I accepted a place as a trainee educational psychologist, it became clear that driving would be essential for my future career. I had no idea that learning to drive would be such fun and this is all thanks to Helen’s unique and quirky style of teaching. I knew that trying to fit driving lessons in around university was going to be difficult, but it never felt like hard work because I enjoyed them so much. Even at the end of an exhausting week, Helen always kept me smiling and made sure I didn’t spend too much time worrying about everything. Helen is a fantastic teacher, and friend, who has helped me to overcome so many issues with my confidence, and I am extremely grateful to have been able to learn from her. I would happily recommend her to anyone because I know that she has a wonderful ability to quickly attune to your individual learning needs, no matter how complex these may be. Helen won’t just teach you to pass your test, she will teach you how to be a good, safe and independent driver, and don’t be surprised if she knows what you’re thinking before you do! Thank you Helen for having faith in me and please keep in touch. I am really going to miss our lessons, but I guess that’s what pass plus is for. Leanne xxx"

Matthew smees 23/10/2014

"I just wanna say a massive thank you to Helen for getting me through this and being an amazing instructor. When I first started learning my confidence was there but a few lessons with her gave me that confidence. I can't say thank you enough to Helen for taking her time with me and making me feel like I can do it. With her I felt like she was a crazy auntie or a best friend and not an instructor and I think that's key if your learning. So I just wanna say thank you once again I couldn't have done it with out you. :)"

Thomas H, 5 September 2014

"Before I even started planning about taking up driving lessons in any detail I always had my doubts whether driving a car and being a road user would actually suit me and if I would enjoy it as my passion for vehicles is very limited, however, I did know that it would open a lot more opportunities for me so I had an open mind towards it.

Having struggled at school with the following conditions “dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia” I knew that finding the right instructor would be really important to me personally because I felt I needed someone that would understand and take my conditions into consideration and not judge me, so after searching the internet I discovered Helen’s YouTube channel and this really helped me and I knew she was the right teacher for me just by watching the videos before I met her in person.

Now looking back throughout my training with Purple driving school I would say the hardest challenge for me to learn and overcome was roundabouts particularly the spiral ones, this was difficult because driving on them confused me as I didn’t know what lane to be in at the right time, this made the middle lane a more vulnerable and scary place to be. My favourite method to understanding roundabouts came from studying google photos and then visualizing myself driving around them in my head at home, this became a huge advantage for me because every time I approached a roundabout on a lesson there was now a clear picture in my mind of what I needed to do and what lane to be in.

Overall it really surprised me how much I enjoyed being behind the wheel learning all the skills from Helen’s clear and professional teaching style, there was never a lesson where I felt unsure about asking any questions or feedback I needed, even if it was for just reassurance, I think she is a great instructor and an inspiring person."

Matt Jacobs - 8 August 2014.

"Initially going to Helen on a recommendation we discovered after a period of lessons that my hothead was going to be an issue. We couldn’t have anticipated exactly how much of an issue. Helen however remained patient and relaxed throughout, acting as a psychologist as much as a driving instructor; or perhaps more accurately a ‘driving coach’. Her unusual methods clearly reap results as she broke down my anger and (I can only apologise for the pun) got my brain in gear. She’s a great coach, a great person and a great friend. Helen’s the only recommendation I would give to anyone genuinely looking to learn to drive, not just to pass their test. A word of warning, if you sit there revving she will beat you with a platypus."

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